We’ve made it! - Arrived safely after 420 miles, 18,000 feet of climbing over 4 days. Food and beer to follow.
Amazing generosity from the locals - This generous fellow donated €20 to charity! Daniel Brandt with Russ in St Girons:
Another puncture!! - Still, at least we’ve only got another 160km to go today.
Here we go again - Van packed and ready to go on day 3. Some extra incentive for the boys – no room for passengers!!
Tourmalet conquered! - After hours of hard pedalling, all the team make it to the summit.
Technical problems strike - Punctures before the big climb.
A place called… - How good is this??!!?!
Lourdes - Not far from the Col du Tourmalet now, thinking of stopping here to ask for a miracle.
Arrived! - It’s gone midnight and the team are busy at work pondering how to reassemble those bikes.